Small Studios《小工作室》
Design: Jianping He
Staff: Hongbiao Zhao, Tim Fessner
Measures: 21 x 15
Place and date: Berlin, 2006
Publisher: Hesign Publishing Berlin, Germany
ISBN: 3-9810544-5-8
Description: Small Studio is a gathering of the one hundred young and small studios in the world. As they are young, as they are small, they are assumed as rudeness, assumed as disrespect, assumed as aggressiveness and fighting for winning. They will be boycotted, will be forgotten, will be envied.... However, small studios are existing. They are fresh and flexible, they are full of creativity, they provide design with fresh blood, they could not be gazed without seeing in society. Open this book, the tiny white pieces of paper will communicate with you silently, fall on the ground genteelly, stick on your clothes hatefully, stick on your palms annoyingly, tuck into the book naughtily...... Like the small studios, they exist in anyways . Photo by Phillip Birau(Berlin) 2007

Price: ¥ 330 RMB
(Only for Chinese market)