Ingenuity follows nature
Measures: 18.5 X 24cm, lock line, packaged with a luxurious bamboo box, including two books, the thick one with 348 pages and thin one, 64 pages.
Description: Nature can only be followed by the one who is faithful, genuine and can keep a rustic simplicity; The thin book titled “Ingenuity follows nature”, involves Ms. Tong Yang-Tze’s 24 sets of characters and phrases, with one or two meaningful characters included for each set, for example: righteous, love, joy, keeping a rustic simplicity, a modest heart, etc., reflecting the traditional chinese philosophy. The thick one includes more than 40 designers from Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and so on. Each designer design 6 sets of works specially for the title “Ingenuity follows nature”, all referring to the characters mentioned in Ms. Tong Yang-Tze’s 24 sets, researching on different concept. Those designers are Kazumasa Nagai, Shin Matsunage, Katsumi Asaba, Tai Keung Kan, Freeman Lau, Kai Liu, He Jianping, Aaron Nieh, Pu Chen, etc.

Price: ¥ 300 RMB
(Only for Chinese market)